The finest quality linen for everyday table traditions

From breakfast and dinner during the week to brunch, lunch and late night feasts on the weekend, there are 16 opportunities for a family to sit down together every week. That’s 16 moments to connect. 16 tables. 16 stories.

Seeing the tablecloth as the foundation of these special moments we have sought to bring the highest quality, beautifully finished linen to South African dinner tables.

The Occasion Collection

The Occasion Collection of the finest quality pure linen with beautiful formal hemstitching details is a canvas onto which every special event could be painted. A future family heirloom made from heavier cloth that’ll last lifetimes.

The Everyday Collection

From outdoor brunches to late-evening banters, The Everyday Collection of exceptional softened linen with beautifully sewn mitred corners is the perfect scene setter for casual yet elevated dining.

The Country Collection

Add a pop of colour to your existing natural or neutral table linen collection with super cute, checked linen napkins made from only the best softened European flax linen.

Linen to last a lifetime

Whether you’re with family, friends, or taking a moment for yourself, the way you set the table sets the mood and it all starts with the table linen.

Celebrate the ritual of dining

Our tablecloths and napkins are made from only the finest European flax, crafted to last so they can be passed down from generation to generation.

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