The Sixteen Story

If we count Monday to Friday’s breakfasts and dinners, with the addition of a brunch, lunch or evening spread on Saturday and Sunday, there are 16 times a week that a typical household comes together for a meal.

Sixteen was founded in celebration of the ritual of dining – sitting down with friends and family to enjoy a lovingly-prepared meal. We make the most of these moments by setting out our most interesting plates, finest cutlery and fresh flowers upon our favourite tablecloths.

Seeing the tablecloth as the foundation of these special moments in time sparked the idea for Sixteen to bring the highest quality, beautifully finished linen to South African dinner tables.

“A good-quality linen tablecloth used to be a cherished possession, handed down from one generation to another. Imagine the stories that cloth held?”

– Hayley Sherman, Founder of Sixteen

We searched far and wide to find superior linen made with meticulous attention to detail to create our tablecloths and napkins. As a result of this care, the texture, feel, and look of Sixteen linen can elevate the room and compliment any occasion. Our linen tablecloths and napkins will stand the test of time, so you can enjoy them for years and years to come.


The finest quality imported European linen

High-quality linen fabric is beautiful, breathable, and soft to the touch yet exceptionally strong. Flax linen inherently has an abundance of natural features such as being non-static, lint-free, hypoallergenic, moisture absorbent, sustainable and biodegradable. It’s also longer lasting than most cotton, aging beautifully with each wash.

More specifically, European flax is the most coveted linen in the world thanks to the uniquely optimal flax-growing climate and rich history of farming and weaving expertise. Sixteen imports the best possible linen to make tablecloths and napkins with expert finishing touches like formal hemstitching or mitred edging details.

These linen dining sets are crafted to age with grace, easily becoming a part of a family’s dining traditions for generations.

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